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Shipping costs Austria: We charge a shipping fee of 5.90 euros. From an order value of EUR 70, we deliver free of charge.

€ 12.79 from € 140.00 free shipping

Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxenburg, Netherlands, Hungary
€ 13.90 from € 140.00 free shipping

Sweden, France, Denmark, Finland,
€ 17.90 from € 140.00 free shipping

Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Spain
€ 21.90 from € 140.00 free shipping

Important information
Despite all due care, damages may occur during transport. In this case we will replace your damaged product free of any charges. Please observe the following protocol: all visible damages must be reported to the respective shipping service provider immediately. In the next step, you are required to inform us about the apparent transport damage via email ( This also applies for damages detected only after the unwrapping of the product. If you wish to return the product, please inform us beforehand via email or telephone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!